How to Deal with (very) large data table transfers ?

This post isn't dealing directly with Dynamics GP, but the process I went thru might actually apply equally well, so keep reading and feel free to add your comment. Last week a customer contacted me to proceed with some data structure changes in one of their database. It wasn't a big deal as they wanted... Continue Reading →

Unable to create a new Fiscal Year ??

This week I was working on a client's site that was proceeding with some GP Data Archiving by using the ProfAd Company Data Archiver (CDA). I had created several new companies with GP Utilities to accommodate for all the historical data that was going to be archived (about 6-7 years) for their huge Production Database... Continue Reading →

How to quickly clone an Azure VM ?

I have been using Microsoft's Cloud infrastructure (aka Azure) for a while now by using a monthly free credit that expires every month-end.. That credit being not very big, you have to be very careful about the resource usage, otherwise it's going to burn thru you small ca$h in no time and suspend your account..... Continue Reading →

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