Get around the ActiveX error when trying to run IM map

From time to time I get a call from customers that are using Dynamics IM (Integration Manager) in conjunction with their GP client. I recent call was about a new user that got setup on a brand new Windows 10 workstation and when trying to run the first time an integration about Sales Invoices in IM to GP, she got an error message and IM would stop there and don’t allow to go further (“The Destination could not be initialized due to the following problem: -Cannot create ActiveX component”).

A quick search on the web returned quite a few results, but none of them were conclusive in this case. A Microsoft KB article would recommend something about checking the windows registry and re-registering the Dynamics.exe application in case it was missing.. Problem was the registry entry would exist and so should have worked. Other forum discussions or web blogs would recommend to run a repair on both GP & IM, which both turned to not provide any better results. My recalling about this was that it might be related with local user permissions and the way UAC changed between Windows XP & 7, thus resulting sometimes in weird behaviors of the GP client, not having all the required accesses. But in this case, the end-user was already placed in the “Local Administrator” group, and it wasn’t changing anything.

After talking a little bit with the IT admin that did the original setup, I learned that the actual GP Client & IM setup was done under a different user account (domain admin) and that was kind of an Ah-Ah moment to me.. I recalled in the past that when doing so, the end-user would run into permission issues, in particular when it came to the registry. As a last attempt, we started the GP client & IM in ‘elevated’ admin mode, and though IM couldn’t open the source file anymore (which resided incidentally on a network share), a copy to the desktop of the source file allowed me to confirm what I thought. The integration would run just fine.

Now this wasn’t really a way to get the user running GP every day, so in the end I told the IT Admin to un-install & re-install both GP & IM, but under the end-user windows account this time. Strangely enough that didn’t resolved the issue either, but likely because some registry entries were also present and not removed by the un-install process. After digging a little into the Registry again, he finally figured out that the security permission was required to allow the windows user to “read” the entry that IM needed to locate the ‘presence’ of the GP client (and its location). The entry that required to be modified is the following :


In order to change the security on this entry in the Registry, you’ll have to start the Registry editor in Admin mode too, otherwise Windows might decline you the permission to change the rights.

This blog post from Ian Grieve relates to the same problem, though he was only running the two applications at different system levels, thus the error.

Hope that you enjoyed reading this and until next post, wish you a happy life.


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