Last Stretch to get your 1099’s right!

Many of my clients started early with their GP 2016 & 2018 Year-End updates to get all the new rules from IRS around the 1099 forms filling applied to their GP instance. And this is a time-sensitive issue, as those fillings are expected by the IRS by January 31st every year. The major change this... Continue Reading →

Why are all my Dimensions gone in MR 2012 ?

Here is a strange case that happened to a customer today which is using Management Reporter 2012 CU15 and GP 2015 (I know they are behind on an unsupported version, but that's not part of the problem). The financial controller of the company generated a report in GP that they've been using for years now... Continue Reading →

The new GP 18.3 has been release!

Just in time for the Dynamics Community Summit North America 2020, the all new Dynamics GP 18.3 version has been released today for download from the Customer Source (Partner will have to get it from the same place, as Partner Source was officially retired and disabled by October 1st, 2020). This is a quick overview... Continue Reading →

Build 28 of GP Power Tools Released!

After much waiting, the latest build 28 of GP Power Tools (GPPT) has been release today by David Musgrave.. I have been participating in the development of this new build by helping out BETA testing for this version since early spring 2020 and the more the testing went on, the more features got added, as... Continue Reading →

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